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18th International Conference on Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods (TXRF-2019)

25-28 June 2019, University of Girona, Spain

The conference

After long years of experimental work on instrumental development, the first International Conference on Total Reflection X-ray fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods (also known as TXRF Conference) was held in 1986, at Geesthacht, Germany. Subsequently, up to sixteen more conferences have been organized in different countries on biannual basis. The following table shows the events and location where they were held.


From the beginning, TXRF Conference has been an active forum to discuss recent advances, experimental setups, research results and the future of the technique. Besides instrumentation of TXRF and related methods, emphasis will be laid on their potential applications within different fields of knowledge such as analytical chemistry, biology, geochemistry, medicine, archaeology, forensics, environmental analysis, etc. Contributions on the use of TXRF in industrial applications such as semiconductor analysis, food and beverages quality control or analytical methods in petrochemical industry, have taken place within the event.

Substantial discussions and exchange of knowledge and experience are encouraged.

Scope of the Conference

Beyond the presentation of scientific work in TXRF, participation of scientists from the following related techniques has always been considered in the event and, of course, is welcome.

- Grazing incidence X-ray fluorescence
- Small angle X-ray scattering
- X-ray reflectivity
- X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
- Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction

Local Organizing Committee

Dr. Eva Marguí
Dr. Manuela Hidalgo
Dr. Ignasi Queralt

International Advisory Committee

A. Von Bohlen, Germany
J. Boman, Sweden
M. L. de Carvalho, Portugal
Y. Goshi, Japan
J. Kawai, Japan
R. Klockenkämper, Germany
G. Pepponi, Italy
P. Pianetta, USA
H.J. Sanchez, Argentina
C. Streli, Austria 
K. Taniguchi, Japan
L. E. Depero, Italy
L. Borghese, Italy
K. Tsuji, Japan
R. van Grieken, Belgium
M. C. Vazquez, Argentina
P. Wobrauschek, Austria
M. A. Zaitz, USA
G. Zaray, Hungary

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